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The international conference
« Physics of Radio Frequency Discharges »
Kazan, Russian Federation
April 5 - April 8, 2011

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Sections and topics

1. Theory of RF Discharges

  • Electrodynamics of RF Discharges
  • Gas Dynamics of RF Discharges
  • Heat and Mass Exchange in RF Discharges
  • Numerical Simulation of RF Discharges
  • Nonequilibrium Processes in RF Discharges

2. Diagnostics of RF Discharges

  • Characteristics of Gas Flow RF Discharges
  • Diagnostics of Quasi-Neutral Plasma of RF Discharges
  • Diagnostics of Spatial Charge Layers in RF Discharge

3. Different Types of RF Discharges

  • Flare Discharges
  • RF Discharges in Vapor and Gas Medium
  • Unsteady Discharges with Liquid Electrodes
  • RF Discharges in Dynamic Vacuum
  • Other Types of RF Discharges

4. RF Discharges Surface Interactions

  • Discharge in Material Treatment Processes
  • Discharge in Coating Application
  • Analysis of Surface and Powder Properties after RF Plasma Treatment
  • Production and Modification of Ultradisperse and Nanodisperse Powders in RF Dis-charges
  • RF Discharges Application in Engineering and Technology